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Satowfi Machining Solutions is located in Mesa, Arizona in a Modern 5000 Square
foot climate controlled Facility. Satowfi was founded in 2001, Today Satowfi
manufactures precision components and assemblies ranging from Prototype to Long
run productions for Aerospace, Avionics, Semi-conductor, Medical, Automotive and Green
Energy companies.
 Satowfi’s experienced staff consists of over 120 combined years of Manufacturing
Process and Machining experience in the Aerospace, Semi-Conductor , Automotive,
Medical and Green Energy Fields. Satowfi Specializes in High-Speed machining
Processes of Aerospace Alloys to Plastics.
 Satowfi is an ISO 9000 and Aerospace Standard AS9100 Rev C Compliant Company that
continues to grows, utilizing the teachings of Lean Manufacturing, JIT and SPC.
Satowfi has been successful in offering High Quality, Low cost, Short Lead Times
with dependable “On Time Deliveries” to the Aerospace and Medical Industries, in
both R&D and Production environments.