Satowfi Machining Solutions LLC
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CNC Vertical Machining Centers
2008 Doosan 3016L, 30 Tool station 
8000 RPM, Travel  30” X Axis, 16” Y Axis , 22” Z Axis and Full 4th axis
2006 Fadal 4020 w/ Full 4th Axis,  30 Tool Station with 800 Psi Coolant thru the Spindle
10,000 RPM, Travel 40” X Axis,  20” Y Axis and 20” Z Axis
2006 Fadal EMC-16 , 16 Tool station
7500 RPM, Travel  20” X Axis, 14” Y Axis , 14” Z Axis
2013 Mazak Nexus VCN 510C-II Vertical Machining Center
with 10" true 4th Axis, 12,000 RPM Spindle, 30 Tool Station
High Pressure Coolant thru the Spindle, Cold Air Blast for Dry Machining
Dual Probing with Automatic tool setter
CNC Turning Centers
2006 Takisawa, Ex106, 5000 RPM 12 Station Turret, Tailstock, Ø1.685 Thru Spindle, Fanuc 21Ti
Barfeedeer, Parts Catcher, Royal Qucik Change Dead Length Collet System, Chip Conveyor
2011 Mazak Nexus 250 II, 4500 RPM 12 Station Turret, Fully Programable Tailstock, Ø3.00 Thru
The Spindle, 40 Horsepower Spindle 10” Chuck, Tool Offset .00001 on Diameter, 218 PSI Coolant
2011 Yama Seiki GLS-200A, 4500 RPM, 10 Station Turret, Ø2.00 Thru The Spindle, 10” Chuck
30 Horse Power, Barfeed, Fanuck O1 Control 
2014 Yama Seiki GLS-200, 4500 Rpm. 12 Station Turret, 218 PSI Coolant Pump , 8" Chuck,
Royal Quick Change Dead Leaght Collet System, 30 Horse Power, TailStock, Fanuc O1 Control                                                                          

CNC Hyd-Mech 230 Shark Dual Column band saw with
Overhead Bundling, Thin Wall tubing Atachment, 9" x 9" capacity
Manual Equipment
14” Band Saw
Cut-Off Saw
Cutmaster Cutter Grinder 
Mori Seiki Manual Engine Lathe
Multiple Drill Presses
Full Deburr Deparment                                                                                                             
Quality Control
Applied Statistics SPC  Version 3.2.1 Software
Harrington Group Gage Calibration Recall Software
Harrington Group Supplier Rating Software
Harrington Group Action Item Software
Harrington Group Corrective Action Software
14 Inch Mitutoyo QM-Height Master Resolution .00005 
24 Inch Mitutoyo QM Height Master Resoultion .00005
Super Micrometers, Mitutoyo Brand 0" to 6"
Mitutoyo Thread Pitch Micrometers 0" to 6"
12 Inch Mitutoyo Digital Beam Height Gage Resolution .0005
14 Inch Mitutoyo Optical Comparator w/ DRO
(3) 36” x 24” Inspection Grade Black Granite Surface Plate
Brown & Sharpe Digital Bore Gage Ø1.4” to Ø6.00” Range Resolution .00005
SPI Internal Digital Micrometer Range Ø2.00-Ø4.500 Resolution .00005
Intermics from Ø.125-Ø2.00 Resolution .0001
Digital O.D. Micrometers from 0.000 to 6.000 Resolution .00005
Digital O.D. Micrometers from 6.000 to 12.000 Resolution .0001
Multiple Mitutoyo Dial & Digital Verniers to 24.00”
Multiple Gage Pin Sets from .011 to 1.000 From Class ZZ to Class X Deltronic Pins                             
Multiple O.D., I.D. , Groove and Specialty Micrometers

Deltronic Class X Gae Pin Sets
Starret Small Bore gages up to Ø.375. Mitotoyo Smal Bore gages Ø.375-Ø.750 .0001 resoutution